Although Garlic is not touted as one of the “ Superfoods” it is one of the most amazing health foods. It’s rich in inulin, a plant fiber that both nourishes the microbiome and helps heal the gut. (It also has terrific weight loss properties.) It’s also loaded with allicin and diallyl sulfides, which support your heart and cardiovascular system. Some of the other benefits of Garlic include:

  • Reducing blood pressure.
  • Lowering cholesterol, both total and LDL ( the bad cholesterol).
  • Reducing the risk of coronary artery disease.
  • Decreasing the “stickiness” of blood platelets, which helps prevent stroke and other cardiovascular dangers.

The best way to shop for Garlic is to look for medium sized bulbs, covered in a natural white papery skin. Look for firm bulbs, neither mushy nor dried out or have any green tips sticking out.

 Garlic is my go to food for seasoning. It’s important when cooking garlic that you don’t burn it. Cook garlic carefully on low heat with a tablespoon of olive oil, just until it  starts to give off a sweet aroma. If it browns or burns it will get bitter in taste. Garlic can also be roasted and then spread on a baguette or used in your salad dressing or in just about any recipe. 

Instructions for Roasting Garlic:

        Heat the oven to 400°F: Set a rack in the middle position. Peel (most of) the paper off the garlic: Use your fingers to peel away all the loose, papery, outer layers around the head of garlic. Leave the head itself intact with all the cloves connected. Trim about 1/4 inch off the top of the head of garlic to expose the tops of the garlic cloves. Drizzle 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive oil over the exposed surface of the garlic, letting the oil sink down into the cloves. Wrap the garlic in aluminum foil and roast in the oven for 40 minutes.  After 40 minutes, begin checking the garlic. The garlic is done when a center clove is completely soft when pierced with a paring knife. Even once soft, you can continue roasting until deeply golden for a more caramelized flavor — check the garlic every 10 minutes. Exact roasting time will depend on the size of your garlic, the variety, and its age.  Let the garlic cool slightly, and then serve. Press on the bottom of a clove to push it out of its paper. Roasted garlic can also be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks or frozen for up to 3 months. Enjoy ~