What Are You Most THANKFUL For?

As we begin Thanksgiving week, what are you most thankful for? Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to count your blessings. Take the time to reflect and really feel the gratitude in your heart. These are not just words, but true thankfulness and gratitude are feelings. This feeling can be stored and relied on in tough times. 

Did you know that practicing gratitude can actually improve your health? Gratitude, like love and empathy creates a biochemical shift in the body. Having gratitude lowers levels of stress hormones.

Ask yourself, how can I activate the power of gratitude in my own life? So when someone cuts you off and steals your parking space at the mall, how will you react?  You can’t change what happened all you can do is change how you will react to it. Patience and kindness are your friends this time of year. Be thankful for what you have, is it good health, great friends, supportive family. Who has enriched your life this year? Focus on the “ Attitude of Gratitude” instead of the negativity and the rewards will be bountiful. Happy Thanksgiving.