The Holiday Express Plan

The Holidays are fast approaching. How are you going to prepare yourself for the Holiday Season? The average person gains 7-10 pounds over the Holiday Season due to unhealthy eating, partying and overindulging. It’s easy to see why our waistlines expand durning the Holidays. Food is everywhere, and the parties are endless.

To prevent going into panic mode and unhappiness come January, try a little prevention up front. You have three weeks until Thanksgiving. Use that time wisely, cut out your sugar intake and carbohydrates and ramp up your green vegetables, salad and protein. Put together a fitness plan for the next three weeks and try to continue with a modified version over the Holidays.

During the Holiday Season, enjoy your parties and family gatherings, just be mindful of portion size. Instead of tasting every pie on the table at Thanksgiving, settle on one. The same goes for the Christmas cookies, punch, and all Holiday goodies. Portion control is your buddy, Enjoy but don’t over indulge, be mindful of what and how much you are eating and drinking and come January you can greet the New Year and know that you can also enjoy the Holidays and Stay Healthy Too!