Do you know about the Glycemic Index?

DID YOU KNOW ~The number one food on the Glycemic Index is Maltose! It really is the sugar in beer and not the alcohol that most people are addicted to. Some carbohydrate-containing foods cause the blood glucose  level ( also known as Blood Sugar) to rise rapidly; others have a more gradual effect. The glycemic index measures how fast and how much a food raises blood glucose levels. Foods with higher index values raise blood sugar more rapidly than foods with lower glycemic index values do. Some of the highest foods on the Glycemic Index are: Maltose, Russet Potatoes and Parsnips. Some of the lowest are: Plums, Cherries and Peanuts! Meal planning with the GI involves choosing foods that have a low or medium GI. Choose wisely, and check out the Glycemic Index before the next time you go grocery shopping.