Crunch Time!

I have been in the tennis industry for over twenty years. One misnomer that I have observed over the years is that the majority of tennis players think playing tennis will get them fit rather than setting a goal of getting fit to play tennis. This is particularly true for women. Don’t get me wrong, playing tennis is a great exercise, and gives you a nice cardio work-out not to mention I LOVE tennis! But there is more to the story. 

It’s important to build up your muscles so that you are in great shape to play tennis or any other sport without the risk of injury.

Women begin losing muscle mass around the age of 35, and the process accelerates after menopause, or around age of 50, unless you strength train regularly. Weightlifting after the age of 50 is an ideal way for women to maintain optimal health and minimize the effects of aging. Lifting weights not only keeps your muscles strong, but increases bone density as well, reducing the risk of fractures among women over 50. 

Start out small,you could start with  a two pound weight and work your way up. If you enjoy working out with a personal trainer, make that an attainable goal. Most importantly give yourself the gift of improving your health from many different perspectives. Crunch Time !