April is National Gardening Month

Did you know that April is National Gardening Month? Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s a perfect time to start your garden. Besides nature’s bounty that you will receive from your efforts, there are many other benefits to gardening. I for one, did not know that 45 minutes of gardening is equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.  Gardening 30 to 45 minutes a day can burn 150 to 300 calories. As much as I love a good cardio work-out, I also love the serene calm of working outside in the garden and I had no idea it was such a great workout. The benefit of stress reduction is another bonus, as you focus your thoughts and energy on the task at hand. If you need to develop patience,gardening is a gift. There is no way to hurry your garden and working patiently provides greater yields. As I said, your bounty or fresh produce is the most obvious reward. Once you grow and consume your own herbs and produce, there’s no turning back. Gardening is good for your mind and body. Best of all, it unplugs you from all of your technology, if only for awhile and allows you to enjoy all the beauty that mother nature has to offer.