A NEW Twist ~ Naturally Fruit Infused Water

Water, water everywhere. Water is so good for you and there are many benefits to drinking water. To name a few, it can help you loose weight as it fills you up, it keeps you hydrated, it keeps things moving along in the digestion department, it keeps your kidneys working and last but not least, it energizes us. But let’s face it, sometimes drinking all that water can get a little monotonous.

Let’s put a new twist on drinking water. Try Infused water. Combine it naturally with some fresh fruit and herbs. Now along with the benefits of water, you will be adding vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In Simply Infused Waters the amount of sugar and calories is negligible; it’s called an infusion for a reason. You’re simply infusing the water with flavors and all natural nutrients from the fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Start each day with a pitcher of different infused water.  Be creative, the combinations are limitless. Try a different flavor every day! 

Monday    Add slices of cucumbers, lemons and mint.

Tuesday    Add, slices of watermelon, blackberries and mint

Wednesday    Add cherries, lime and mint    

Thursday    Add raspberries, strawberries and blueberries

Friday        Add slices of limes and lemons

Saturday    Add slices of grapefruit,  sage, rosemary, mint and basil

Sunday    Add slices of lemon and ginger