Ready Get Set GO!!!!

With the warm weather finally here, I dusted off my bike this weekend ~ What a ride!

Biking is a great exercise for anyone. As the expression says, it’s easy as riding a bike. It’s true. We all learned to ride when we were children and it’s something that once you learn you never forget. It’s low impact, great on the knees and for the knees. Cycling increases stamina, strength and aerobic fitness.Cycling really is a great muscle workout for your whole body. It increases cardiovascular fitness, it increases muscle strength and flexibility along with improved joint mobility, not to mention it will decrease your body fat levels!

What I like the most is, it’s a great stress reliever. There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair, and at your back, seeing the beautiful blue sky and getting an opportunity to see your environment from a different perspective.

May is National Bike Month. May 15th is National Bike to Work day. Consider dusting off your bike today. Hope to see you out on the trails!