Here's A Blue Clue

My husband has been eating blueberries  every day for breakfast for the past 10 years. He is a big believer that they make you smart and really are a Super Food and I have to say that I think he is RIGHT!

One cup of fresh blueberries contains 84 calories, 0 grams of cholesterol, 1.1 grams of protein, 0.49 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates and 3.6 grams of dietary fiber (14% of daily requirements). 

Blueberries are among the most nutrient dense berries. One cup has 24 % of Vitamin C, 36 % of Vitamin K and 25 % of manganese, a real little power house.

Blueberries are the Champion of antioxidant foods. Antioxidants protect our bodies and blueberries are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and veggies.

Several studies have shown that blueberries and blueberry juice can protect against DNA damage, a leading driver of aging and cancer.

The antioxidants in blueberries have been shown to protect LDL lipoproteins (the “bad” cholesterol) from oxidative damage, a crucial step in the pathway towards heart disease. Eating blueberries on a regular basis has been shown to lower blood pressure. 

There is some evidence that regular blueberry consumption can help prevent heart attacks.And last but not least, the antioxidants in blueberries may also  have benefits for the brain, helping to improve brain function and delaying age-related decline. 

So what can you do with Blueberries, the choices are endless, some of my favorites are:

    ▪    Use blueberries as fresh toppings on oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, yogurt or cereal for an extra burst of flavor in your breakfast

    ▪    Whip up a quick and easy smoothie using frozen berries, almond milk and greek yogurt

    ▪    Mix fresh or dried blueberries into a spinach salad with walnuts and feta cheese

    ▪    Fold them into muffins and sweet breads or blend them in a food processor with a little water and use as a fresh syrup to top desserts or breakfast foods.

     ▪    make your favorite frozen yogurt and in the last few minutes of mixing, add blueberries.

   ▪    Make oatmeal muffins and top with fresh blueberries and coconut.