What are you doing for yourself?

This past weekend I went for a bike ride with a friend. It was a gloriously sunny day, hot but there was a breeze. We decided to travel on the W&OD trail. The 100-foot wide Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park (W&OD) is one of the skinniest parks in the commonwealth of Virginia, but also one of the longest — 45 miles in length. The W&OD takes its name from the railroad whose trains ran along the right-of-way from 1859 until 1968. The  W&OD Trail begins in the Shirlington area of Arlington County, and it ends in Purcellville, VA. For those planning to ride the entire trail, your total round trip distance will be 90 Miles. It’s a beautiful trail, paved with nine foot wide asphalt pathways and has a painted yellow center line.The scenery along the way is very pretty and there are many scenic overpasses and historical building to see.

We decided to travel from Reston to Ashburn which round trip for me was about 15 miles.  The trail was packed with people biking, walking or running. Everyone seemed as happy as I was being outside, challenging yourself and enjoying a beautiful day. I was so energized and happy when I completed my ride.  I felt great for the rest of the day! It was the best gift I could have given myself that day. Riding with a friend, getting literally pumped up on exercise and then cooling down sharing a cold drink afterwards what could be better.  So I ask, what is your plan? What are you doing for yourself this week?