A Warehouse of Healthiness

This past Saturday, I decided to go to the local farmers market with my seven year old grandson. When we arrived, and started walking around the first thing he said to me was and I quote “ Mimi this is a warehouse of healthiness”. I was amazed, first that he was so intuitive and second that he even connected all the glorious fruits and vegetables we saw as being healthy. 

We had a great time together, tasting all the fresh fruit and vegetable samples and exploring some new vegetables that we had not seen before. We walked around twice before making our purchases as we decided that certain stands had sweeter strawberries than some of the others and we determined that some stands definitely had a better selection of vegetables than others. 

Usually if you investigate a little you will find several local farmer’s markets in your community on different days of the week. 

Make it your priority to visit one this week and enjoy a “ warehouse of healthiness”.