If you have been to a farmer’s market lately, you may see a new vegetable on the scene, Kohlrabi. It  is another name for a German turnip or turnip cabbage. Kohlrabi looks knobby in texture and is usually purple or green. Kohlrabi needs  a little prep,  you should always peel off the tough outermost layer of the bulb with a vegetable peeler first.

I love the taste of kohlrabi , it is a versatile vegetable with a taste and texture somewhere between cabbage and broccoli stems. It is sweet and mild and can be eaten raw , roasted or steamed. It can be sliced into wedges, or matchsticks or use a mandolin to get very thin slices. Kohlrabi goes great in a salad or can be eaten on its own with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Give it a try, it is low in calories, 4 per slice and rich in vitamin C.