Vacation Guidelines

Summer is vacation time. A time to travel with your family or friends and kick back and enjoy and recharge. A week of vacation can easily lead to a 6-8 pound weight gain. Here are a few guidelines to maintain your weight on vacation and still have a great time.

  1. Instead of having dessert every night, choose it three times during the week and enjoy some fresh fruit the other nights.
  2. Alcohol consumption is a part of many vacations, instead of going overboard, limit it to one glass of wine instead of three or four.
  3. Start your day with exercise, go out for a bike ride or a run on the beach.
  4. Have a protein breakfast.
  5. Keep hydrated with water, not fruit juices.
  6. Limit your carbohydrates the same way you limit your dessert, instead of every night, choose three nights out of the week to indulge in that bread, pasta or rice!
  7. Enjoy your meals and fuel your body, try not to over eat or over indulge.
  8. Finish up your day, take a walk and watch a beautiful sunset.