Spring and Summer Asparagus is Plentiful.

Asparagus goes back to as early as 3000 years BC, was first cultivated by the Romans and then started to grow in popularity in Europe in the 16th Century. The word asparagus is rooted in Ancient Greek where the word aspharagos can be identified in various literature with two meanings. The first found in Homers Illiad is used to mean throat or gullet whilst the second is referred to as the edible shoots of stone sperage or Asparagus.

Surprising that asparagus comes from the Lily family (liliceae) along with the onion, garlic and tulip. There is the traditional green asparagus that is well known but asparagus also comes in purple and white. The purple asparagus tends to be sweeter than the green spears due to a slightly higher sugar content. As a result it is often good eaten raw in salads. White asparagus is just green asparagus grown underground in the dark.

Asparagus is just packed with health benefits: It's loaded with nutrients: Asparagus  a very good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells. Enjoy this wonderful vegetable grilled or roasted with a little olive oil salt and pepper.