As you may know, I have become an avid cyclist. Since yesterday was a picture perfect day for a ride, I decided to take a new route. Little did I know that I would encounter a very steep hill on my route. When I looked up from the bottom of it all I could tell myself was to keep pushing, one pedal at a time. 

Keeping that mantra, one pedal at a time, I was able to conquer the hill and felt great satisfaction with my accomplishment!

As I continued to ride I reflected on my new mantra and thought about how relevant it was to just about everything in life. Don’t we actually live one moment at a time,  when you are playing sports don’t you just look to win one point at a time?  When you are trying to lose weight, instead of looking at how much you have to loose, isn’t it easier to focus on losing one pound at a time? When you are facing an overwhelming mountain, no matter where or what it is in life, break it down and just do it one at a time!