Salt Versus Fresh Herbs

Are you using too much salt ? Salt is a healthy choice when used in moderation, as it supports the body in maintaining it’s hydration levels and electrolyte balance. Salt can also be an unhealthy choice when you over use it. According to the FDA, the average American sodium consumption is 3,400 mg per day while the recommended amount is 2,300 mg or less. Individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease and who are 51 years or older should limit their sodium intake to 1,500 mg or less a day. 

A great alternative to using salt to flavor food are spices and fresh herbs. Black Pepper ~ I use black pepper on everything, but if you add some fresh squeezed lemon with black pepper it is a wonderful flavor combination on roasted or grilled vegetables. One of my all time favorites is Wegman’s pepper blend. Basil ~ Instead of salting tomatoes, cut up some fresh basil, it also is great in tomato sauce. Cayenne or Red pepper with fresh squeezed lime juice and strips of Cilantro gives your bland veggies like cucumbers and jicama an added kick.  Turmeric is a wonderful seasoning on rice or cauliflower and also scrambled eggs! Be creative, have fun with fresh herbs, and spices, you never know what flavor combination you will discover as your favorite!