Spiral Down or Spiral UP ~ The Choice is Yours

Spiral Down or Spiral UP ~ The Choice is Yours

When we feel upset with our life, maybe the way is’s going or perhaps there are things affecting us that are out of our control, itis easy for us to spiral down in self pity. We spiral down so far that our current situation is all that we can think about, all that we focus on each and every moment of the day.

What if we chose the opposite to Spiral UP ? Yes sometimes we are dealt a hands of cards that we don’t want to play but we need to own it and take action, POSITIVE ACTION! Spiral UP to new heights by starting where you are. Acknowledge that things may not be how are where I want them, but I choose to take a positive approach, I choose to fight for my life the way I want it to be.

Day one, take ownership, then go outdoors for a walk and appreciate your environment. Studies have shown that people suffering from depression who took a walk outside every day for twenty minutes felt better than those on antidepressants.

Keep a gratitude journal, write down things that you are grateful for, things in your life that make you happy and focus on them and you will feel happier.

Take a moment to reflect on all the positivity in your life, When you take a moment to take an inventory of everything that is going right you will realize you have much to be grateful for and realize that there are people who may never see another sunset, or kiss their children goodnight of eat ice cream. So Chose to Spiral UP, You have much to be thankful for, put together an action plan to realize your dreams!

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