Will Power

Will Power

If you are trying to loose weight during the Holiday Season, you feel like you have to have a lot of will power, more importantly you need a PLAN!

 There are treats and goodies everywhere you turn at the office. You are often invited to Holiday lunches, dinners and parties. Your family is requesting you bake all their holiday favorites, cookies, candy, breads, pies and of course a Holiday meal.

Here are my favorite tips for surviving the season and feeling good about yourself!

  1. Love yourself, if you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up, it will happen and it’s ok as long as you go back right away to your healthy plan.
  2. Part of loving yourself, is mind ,body, and spirit so find time to exercise at least four times a week to take care of your body.
  3. Self care is important for your spirit, take time for yourself, do something special for yourself, whether it’s taking a bubble bath, or taking time for a facial or a massage. 
  4. Don’t send your regrets to a party because you are afraid to eat, Go with a plan. Eat a heathy dinner ahead of time so you are not tempted with food. Allow yourself a maximum of two drinks and two treats. That way you won’t overindulge or feel deprived.
  5. At the office, bring in your own snacks, make something special for yourself that you wouldn't normally eat, but still a healthy option.
  6. Bake for your family and only taste one cookie when baking, not five, six or a dozen. 
  7. Keep your eyes on the prize, remember why you started this journey, keep present your goal is to be healthy and that includes taking care of your Mind, Body and Spirit on a daily basis!

Embrace, the holidays, they only come once a year, hold your children tight, see the wonder in their eyes, share the love you feel. The best gift if all is to be present with the ones you love! Happy Holidays!

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