What's your Dosha?

According to Ayurveda which means science of life, your Dosha is your mind-body constitution. it is determined the moment you are conceived. There are three types of Doshas. Vata is made up of Air and Space, Pitta is made from Fire and Water and Kapha is made from earth and Water.

The qualities of the Vata Dosha are Dry, Light, Cold, Quick, Moving, Rough and Subtle.

The qualities of the Pitta Dosha are Hot, Light, Intense, Penetrating, Pungent, Sharp, Acidic and Moist.

The qualities of the Kapha Dosha are Cold, Heavy, Solid, Stable, Smooth, Slow, Steady and Enduring.

Everything you do in life, whether you know it or not is a balancing act to keep your Dosha in balance.

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