The Power of Breath

Many of us do not have the time in our daily routine to meditate, if that is the case for you, consider something we all do mindlessly, breathing! 

By setting our attention to breathing, we can experience a mindful moment.

Close your eyes and take a series of slow, deep breaths. Identify any parts of your body that feel tight or tense and breathe into those areas. Feel your breath filling your body with air and exhaling the air. Try inhaling, silently counting to five, then release your breath, counting to three. Do this 10 times. Notice your attention, are your thoughts wandering, if they do, focus back on your breathing, the sound it makes, how the air feels going into your body, focus on your chest rising and your abdomen rising and falling.

Breathing is one of the most detoxifying actions of our bodies, the act of exhaling releases carbon dioxide.

When you concentrate on your breathing, you can create a shift in your mind that releases stress.

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