What’s your Mantra? Mine is having an Attitude of Gratitude

What’s your Mantra? Mine is having an Attitude of Gratitude

Certain things, like counting your blessings, writing thank you notes, and doing nice things for others help cultivate a more positive, optimistic outlook on life. Here are a few ideas on how to do that:

    •    Take a minute every day to think about someone or something you're grateful for.

    •    Write letters or quick notes to special people, thanking them for their role in your life.

    •    Keep a daily journal about things you're grateful for and things that went well during the day. If you can’t manage writing every day, try to write three things you're grateful for at the end of each week.

    •    Practice being mindful or savoring the present moment.

    •    Find a quiet, private spot and use all your senses to meditate or connect to the world around you. It’s nice to do this outside in nature.

    •    Think about the hard times you once experienced, and how far you've come since then. The contrast can inspire gratitude.

    •    Make a promise to yourself that you'll practice being grateful. Write it down and post it somewhere you can see every day.

  •     Wake up with an attitude of gratitude.
  •     Smile at people, unless you can walk in their shoes, you never know if they are having a bad day, and a smile may be the best thing that happens to them all day
  • Pay it forward, it costs nothing and means everything!

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