Compliment Day

January 24th is Compliment Day. The day was created in 1998 by Kathy Chamberlin, of Hopkinton, NH. and Debby Hoffman, of Concord, NH. 

Today is a great opportunity to say something positive about the people you come into contact with. Everyone has good attributes if you take the time to notice. Compliment Day is celebrated by offering sincere compliments to people. 

Taking the time to compliment someone can be life changing not only for you but for the person you compliment. Life is hard and unless you are walking in someone else’s shoes you never know what they are going through. That one little compliment may be the the only positive moment they have that day. 

The other day I was in the post office and a woman walked up to me and said she liked my sandals and that they really looked good on me. I said thank-you and I immediately felt happy, I walked out but then did an about face and told her where I bought them. I thought to myself that if a complete stranger can take the time to compliment me that I can go the extra mile and share where I bought them . 

It’s easy to compliment family and especially friends.Friends are friends because you always see something good in them. It’s more challenging to compliment a stranger. Take up the challenge today in honor of Compliment Day and offer compliments to people you see throughout the day. When you put positivity out there, it will always come back to you in many ways. Happy Compliment Day! 

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