Our Love Affair with Food

There’s no denying that trying to loose weight is hard. Food is such an important part of our social culture. Mother’s feed their babies out of love. We invite people over because we love to entertain. We go out on a date to a restaurant because we love the one we are with. Food is equated with love and being social.

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is easy. You can choose wisely and still feel included with the social norms that food brings to the table. Dieting or restricting food is a whole other ball game.

That’s when determination and goal setting come into play. 

It’s important to have an overall goal to keep present and motivate you along the way. This goal is more than wanting to loose weight, this goal is rooted deep inside you. Some people want to set a goal of just wanting to loose weight in order to be healthy and live a healthier life. Some seek a life style different from your present lifestyle either by wanting to be in a relationship with someone or perhaps wanting to train for a physical challenge. Whatever it is that motivates you to start this journey, it is key to keep that goal present every step along the way until you achieve your goal weight.

Choose a mantra, mine has always been , I Can and I Will! What’s your Mantra? 

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