Spring and Mindfulness 

Spring and Mindfulness

Spring is a perfect time of year to be mindful and thankful for all that the earth presents to us. Spring is a time of new growth. After a long winter, the earth is coming out of hibernation and awakening to new beginnings. Everywhere you look, there is new life. The trees are budding, flowers are pushing up out of the ground, the grass is getting greener, the days with it’s glorious light are getting longer minute by minute. New life is exhilarating. 

Next time you are outside, look around, breathe in the fresh air, allow the sun to warm your face, be mindful of all the new life surrounding you. Take a moment to notice the color of the sky, the shape of the clouds, the smell of the flowers and the trees, feel the wind in your hair.

Notice how your body feels in that moment. Being mindful is being present in the moment and allowing yourself to fully experience all that moment has to offer. Hold on to that feeling and make it a daily practice to be present and mindful of your world, your environment. 

You don’t have to spend more that a few minutes to make a connection and make mindfulness a daily practice and feel the joy of being present. 

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