The Dash Between the Dates

The Dash Between the Dates

Have you ever noticed when someone dies, their obituary is listed with the day they are born and the day they died for example, 1980-2017. 

Have you ever wondered what the DASH really meant? The Dash is what you put into your life. The Dash is everything you have accomplished, it is how you have developed as a person.

Have you ever stopped to reflect on what your Dash currently looks like? Are you happy so far with your Dash or are there things not yet achieved either at work or on a personal level that you would like your Dash to include? 

How might you accomplish that which is missing from your Dash? How will you live your Dash?

Taking the time to reflect on this is a good pause to identify how you would like your Dash to be reflected? With the remaining time of your life, whether it be 10 or 80 years, how will you fill your Dash? 

Besides reflection, you can take action and try to get the most out of each day. Stop and literally smell the roses, feel the warmth of the sun, do random acts of kindness. Do whatever it is that at the end of the day you will be proud to have included in your DASH!

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