Why is Social Media so Addictive?

Why is Social Media so addictive? I use Social Media as a marketing platform for my business. I post Monday through Friday. I really do not need to go on the weekends. This past weekend I decided that I would give myself a self imposed ban on Social Media. I shamefully have to admit I did not even last 24 hours. 

The addictive aspect of Social networking is associated with FOMO -- fear of missing out. Everyone is on Facebook. They're posting things, sharing news and content and talking to each other 24/7.

How can we kick the habit? First like all addictions, realize you have a problem and create a plan. Allow yourself only one hour everyday, then reduce the number of days.

 More importantly, look at it from another perspective. Instead of what are you missing in the virtual world, ask yourself, what are you missing in the real world? What relationships have suffered? What goals have you not met? What have you not done? 

To quote Mark Twain “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed in the things you didn't do that than the ones you did.”

Live your life!

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