What Inspires You?

What inspires you to take that step? The step to being a healthier YOU! Perhaps that step is choosing to loose weight, or changing jobs or getting out of an unhealthy relationship. Whatever that step is take a moment and reflect on what’s your inspiration. What’s your WHY?

For me, my inspiration was my family and in particular my husband. I wanted to loose weight to be healthy to live a longer life together. To be around and keep up with our grandchildren. 

Understanding your WHY is the first step to inspire you to start a journey of HARD WORK. Change is not easy and if your journey is a weight loss journey, it’s a very public decision with many outside social influences that can detour you off track. With all of those pulls you need to keep your WHY , your inspiration, your ultimate goal front and center every step of the way. It’s your secret weapon. 

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