How is your Vessel? 

How is your Vessel? 

Have you ever stopped to think about your body being the only vessel you have to live your life in? 

What would you do to nourish and care for that vessel? 

Here are a few tips and ideas:  

Make healthy food and drink choices

Model healthy eating for yourself and others. 

Don’t overeat, portion control is important. 

Put down your fork between bites. 

Drink water, 64 ounces is the recommended daily amount. 

Exercise, try to get in 10,000 steps daily. 

Lift weights three times a week

Dance whenever you can

Smile and laugh, it boosts your energy

Seek out some quiet time each day just for you!

Self care is an essential component to taking care of yourself. Make it a priority. You are the one person who can make a difference in taking care of your body so that you will have a vessel in tip top shape to live a healthy life. The choice is yours!

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