Suzi’s Mediterranean Chicken

Marinate chicken breasts in Italian vinaigrette.  You can make your own, or use a bottle dressing.  ( A bottle of Ken's Steakhouse Italian or something and add some extra garlic and herbs works well)  Chicken breasts can be marinated overnight or at least for three hours prior to grilling. 

Pound them just a little, since one side is usually very thick and the other tapered.  That way they cook more evenly. 



Chop little stem tomatoes, Campari, or Roma tomatoes (packs  can be purchased at Costco)

chop one yellow onion

chop assorted red, yellow and orange peppers

chopped 3 garlic cloves


olive oil

toss all this together and roast in a 400 degree oven till tender

*set aside

Grill the chicken breasts until tender 


To assemble:

slice chicken breasts on the diagonal, top with tomato/onion/pepper mixture.

Other options top with sliced kalamara olives

sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese

and top with chopped fresh parsley