“Just Be”

“Just Be”

We are all at a different crossroads in our life. Some of us may be facing transitions, some of us may be facing illness, some of us my be anticipating new life, some of us may be in love for the first time, some of us may be just existing day to day. 

Wherever you are on your journey, take a moment and “Just Be”  in that moment of where you are. So often when either something good happens or something bad happens or nothing at all happens, we don’t appreciate just being. Just being in that moment of where we are at that exact moment in time.

We often look ahead either wistfully or anxiously. Do you remember when you were a child and you were always looking ahead to being a teenager or driving  a car or going off to college. From early on, in gets ingrained into us to look ahead rather than “Just Be” in the moment where we are and appreciate everything that comes with where we are. 

I have to admit, I have been at a crossroad of transition in my life and I have been looking ahead. Looking ahead unsure of what exactly the future holds. I have felt a bit anxious and unsettled, but once I stopped looking ahead and decided to “Just Be”, I felt a sense of calm and appreciation of my journey.

 I still don’t know 100 percent what lies ahead, but by just being in the moment, I am not only enjoying my journey, but I am appreciating where I am at this moment and everything that is around me with a renewed sense of joy and peacefulness that comes when you make the space to “Just Be”. 

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