New clients may request a complimentary 20 minute coaching session. Complimentary sessions provide the client an opportunity to learn about coaching and determine if there is a good fit between the client and the coach.

Initial Consultation 

Plan on spending 60 -90 minutes. We will clarify what coaching is, explore which areas of personal and or professional growth you would like to work on and create a full profile. Come with an open mind and heart, together we will set your goals so that you can visualize the change you want to achieve in your life. 

Weekly Coaching 

This coaching option is the most popular, as it provides the maximum benefit for clients to achieve their desired outcomes. The minimum commitment is a three month commitment. The weekly 45 minute sessions can be face to face,  telephone, or video. Unlimited e-mail and text support  will be provided throughout the three month period.

Tune Up Sessions

After completing a three or six month session, clients can continue with periodic check-ins to support their continued progress.

Youth Development

Healthy Choice 4 Kids offers coaching for children ages 9-14. 

Speaking Engagements

ICF Certified ACC Coach, Mary loves to share her story and speak about her passion for wellness and making healthy choices for life. Mary motivates, enlightens, and educates her audiences on how to make little changes that ultimately add up to big changes and a shift in lifestyles.

Requested Speaking Topics

“ The Mindfulness of Making Healthy Choices”

“ Widow Maker on the Tennis Court”

“ Sugar, The Silent Killer”

“ Stress, Stress Baby”

“ What’s Your Dosha Baby”

“ What’s Love Got to do with it, Healthy Choices 4 Life”

Only you can control your outcome. You are the Author of your Life!

Call me at 703-772-7444 or e-mail me at  to set up a complimentary coaching session or to schedule a speaking engagement.