In 2017 ~ What Motivates You to Take Action?

Today is January 3rd, many of us have already made New Year’s resolutions that are now broken. Saying that you will take action to change and doing it , are often two very different things. What really motivates you to change? Do you have to hit rock bottom, does someone close to you in your life have to remind you of life’s frailties, do you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, are you stuck in ground hog day, starting and stopping over and over again? 

Change is hard, it’s scary, it’s challenging, it’s unknown, you may ask yourself, am I up to the challenge, can I really make the change I need to make?  There’s no getting around it, change is all of those things, but change is worth it.To be able to transform and change yourself is one of life’s greatest gifts and pleasures. Only YOU have the power to change. It does take hard work and motivation and a daily commitment. Making a life change is scary, but even scarier is regret. Not knowing that you can do it, not knowing that you are a strong confident warrior that can overcome any obstacle placed in your way!

If you feel you can’t climb your mountain alone, there are resources. Hire a coach, go online look for resources that are compatible with the change you desire. You don’t have to change alone, but only YOU have the power to change, to walk the walk. I believe in you and my hope is that you do too!

“Change provides us with clues that the Universe is holding, a Vision much Grander than we could ever Imagine.”

-Deepak Chopra

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