Happy International Day Of Happiness!

Happy International Day of Happiness

Yesterday, March 20th was the Happy International Day of Happiness!

The pursuit of happiness is so powerful that it has its own holiday, with March 20th set aside by the United Nationsto recognize contentment as a universal goal for people around the world.

From the very core of our being, we all simply desire joy and contentment.

To quote the Dalai Lama “ I believe that the purpose of life is to find happiness” 

What makes you happy? Have you ever stopped to think about it or brainstormed with someone to list all the things that make you happy?

Think about, 'What could I do that would make me happier?' and don't worry about achieving happiness, which can sound like this very abstract finish line. What does that look like? How would you get there?    

In the meantime, try to make a daily practice of doing things that are mood lifters:

  • Take a walk outside
  • Read a book you love
  • Watch a favorite movie
  • Exercise to trigger the release of endorphins, your body’s feel-good chemicals
  • Try to get eight hours of sleep every night
  • Try to watch a sunrise, a sunset or the brilliance of the stars at night.

Whatever it is that lifts your mood, be mindful of just what it is that makes you happy and make a daily habit out of it.

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