Let The Magic Begin

Let The Magic Begin ~ 

The magic in life is not always spontaneous. Sometimes it takes making healthy choices to bring the magic into your life. Below are my Top Ten Tips to create some magic in your life by keeping yourself healthy and happy.

Ten Tips to Break Bad Eating Habits

  1. Chew slowly and put down your fork in between every couple of bites.
  2. Sit down to eat, preferably with someone.
  3. Use a small plate.
  4. Do nothing else while eating except socializing.
  5. Remove leftovers straight away and pack them for lunch or dinner the next day. 
  6. Don’t skip meals.
  7. Don’t nibble or sample while cooking or walking through Costco or grocery stores. 
  8. Keep food out of sight and organized in your pantry.
  9. Keep busy, exercise, focus on your WHY.
  10. Stop negative thinking, practice Self Care.
  11. Bonus ~ Listen to your favorite Music

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