What is self-compassion?

"It is not this nimby, bimby stuff," said Paul Gilbert, a researcher at Kingsway Hospital in the United Kingdom. "Compassion is sensitivity to the suffering of self and others and a commitment to do something about it.

Psychologists doing research in the field  are finding that self-compassion may be the most important life skill, imparting resilience, courage, energy and creativity. It's also a skill many people lack!

Self-compassion is often misunderstood as being soft and indulgent.

Kristin Neff, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, describes self- compassion as having three aspects, mindfulness, common humanity and kindness.

The key here is a commitment to do something about it. We all tend to be hard on ourselves, we often let self doubt fill our head. It takes real courage to do something about it. Be kind to yourself, there is only one of you, so take good care of your body by making healthy food choices, take good care of your spirit by living each day with purpose and take good care of your heart by letting the people in your life that are important to you know that you love them.

Love yourself, deserve love from others and live your life ~ Carpe Diem!